Apps and Services temporarily free during the Covid-19 Lockdown

Out of ideas on how to spend all this time you’ve now got on your hands? Obviously you have social media sites and dating apps that are recording significant growth in usage. But if the lockdown has you losing the plot already, thankfully these companies are stepping in to ease your period of isolation and offer their apps and services for free during the COVID-19 crisis.

We will keep on updating this article over the few weeks with new offers and services. Do come back to see the new additions.

Health & Wellbeing

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Auro, a motivational audio personal trainer app for workouts and yoga exercises, has offered a 30-day free trial (normally they offer a 14-day trial). They have also offered 50% off for all NHS workers.
iOS Android

Balance (iOS only)
The personalized meditation app is offering completely free one-year access to anyone who wants one, but you have to email for instructions. It usually costs $11.99 per month or $49.99 for a year.

Breethe are offering a free collection of meditations called Inner Wellness During Covid-19 lockdown.
iOS Android

Calm is offering free meditation resources to support your mental and emotional wellness through their special webpage “titled take a deep breath”. Their app also has special free contents.
iOS  Android

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth
Centr app is offering its app for free for a period of six weeks. It provides workouts you can do at home – covering everything from yoga to HITT and boxing – as well as nutrition and stretching.
iOS Android

Down Dog
Down Dog has offered free access to all Down Dog apps – Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout completely free until May 1st. In response to the many school closures taking place, they are also offering free access until July 1st for all students and teachers (K-12 and college). To access the free school membership, please register your school’s domain by visiting
They are also extending free access until July 1 for all healthcare professionals so they can help those who are helping us. Please visit to register your work healthcare domain.

7 Minute Workout by Down Dog : iOS Android
HIIT | Interval Workouts by Down Dog : iOS Android
Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog : iOS Android
Yoga | Down Dog : iOS Android
Prenatal Yoga | Down Dog : iOS Android
Barre | Ballet Workouts by Down Dog : iOS Android

Fitbit is now extending their 7-day trial to 90 days for new users, giving everyone complete access to all the premium content. Those include video and audio workouts, 150+ dynamic workout routines that adapt to you, guided programs for building healthier habits, mindfulness tools, premium challenges, advanced sleep analysis and tools, as well as personalized stats and insights.
iOS Android

Headspace is offering all US healthcare professionals and educators free access to Headspace Plus through the rest of 2020. Additionally they have offered free access to their special collection called Weathering the storm which includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling.
iOS Android

Insight Timer
Insight Timer has released phase-1 of their website where you can now listen to 40,000 guided meditations for free. No ads. No credit cards. No email addresses or passwords either. You can also use their app to access their meditation to help calm the mood, anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply and improve happiness.
iOS Android

Peloton is offering an extended trial of its “at home fitness” app to 90 days. You don’t need to own the company’s treadmills or bikes to use it. The membership offers meditation and stretching exercises, bodyweight training, music for your workouts, plus you can cast the exercises and classes to your TV.
iOS Android

Simple Habit
Simple Habit is introducing new meditation collections specifically geared toward coronavirus–topics including self-care, mindfulness for kids at home, mindful communication with family and easing fear. They are also offering free Simple Habit premium memberships to all people who are financially impacted by this difficult time and can no longer afford to pay. You have to reach out to them to request free premium memberships.
iOS Android

Stop, Breathe & Think
This meditation app hasn’t opened up its premium service to everyone during the coronavirus pandemic, but it does have a slew of resources free of charge. It has created a new “Calm Coronavirus Anxiety” category in the app, which includes premium tracks at no cost for 60 days.
iOS Android

Ten Percent Happier
It may not make you 10 percent happier in these challenging times, but it will likely help you be at least 10 percent more centered, calm, cool, collected and prepared to face what comes your way as we all stare down the coronavirus. While the meditation app hasn’t opened up everything for free, it has provided a resource with free meditations. Plus, healthcare workers can get premium features for free.
iOS Android

Work from Home

Working From Home Illustration - Working Late - Finnix Solutions Blog Post

Alison is one of the largest free learning websites with 1,500 free courses for the workplace, and have removed all advertising on their site within Ireland for the duration of COVID-19. Courses include nine categories, Technology, Language, Science, Health, Humanities,Business, Math, Marketing, and Lifestyle.

LinkedIn Learning is offering a learning path on remote working called “Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success” with 16 courses included. See also the blog post for further details.
Learn about Remote Working with LinkedIn

Shopify has increased their free trial from 14 days to 90 days for new customers. Gift cards are also available on all plans now. 
6 months trial of Shopify

Wrike offers collaborative work management software which is perfect for people working remotely. They are providing their Professional edition free for 6 months.
Get 6 months of Wrike Professional


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Amazon Prime Video
To help parents keep kids entertained and inspire learning, Amazon Prime has opened its family-centric programming to all customers, no Amazon Prime subscription needed. They have also offered a free trial period of one month so you can access popular TV series and movies before committing to a subscription.
iOS Android

EPIX, the premium movie channel, is offering free access until May 2, without subscription.
iOS Android
Web Player

HBO has offered about 500 hours of shows and movies to everyone, subscription-free. You will be able to stream nine HBO series, 10 documentaries and 20 Warner Bros. movies for free through the HBO GO and HBO NOW apps without signing up for a free trial.
HBO NOW: iOS Android
HBO GO : iOS Android

History Channel Vault
The popular education network is offering its vault subscription service as a one-month free trial ($4.99 a month after)
iOS Android 

Lifetime Movie Club
The famous TV channel is offering its movie club as a one-month free trial ($3.99 a month after.)
iOS Android

Showtime has offered a 30-day free trial for viewers who sign up before May 3. You can access the network’s original series, documentaries, specials and movies online via the Showtime streaming service on or the Showtime app, available on all supported devices. Popular titles on the service include Homeland, Shameless, and Billions.
iOS Android Web Player

The horror-centric movie-streaming service is offering a 30-day free trial with promo code SHUTIN (free trials are normally seven days).
iOS Android 

Sling TV (US only)
Sling TV has just launched a new “Stay in & Sling” promotion under which a selection of its contents are available to stream for free, no credit card or account required.
iOS Android Web Player


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Amazon Music
Spotify maxes out at a bit rate of 320 kilobits per second, while Amazon HD delivers up to 850Kbps for its 50-million song library — and up to a whopping 3,730Kbps for millions of songs in “Ultra HD” format. Amazon is offering a trial of 30 days only for new Amazon Music subscribers. They are also offering a 90-day trial for Amazon Unlimited Music.
Get 30 Days free of Amazon Music HD
Get 90 Day Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

Bachtrack, the classical music website, is curating a list of performances that can be streamed online from opera houses and theatres while the world’s concert halls and opera houses are dark.

Sirius XM
SiriusXM is offering unlimited free streaming through its web portal and mobile apps until May 15. Normally $13 monthly, the plan includes not only all the regular channels, but also Howard Stern.
Listen to Sirius XM free through May 15

Tidal is offering 4 months of Premium and HiFi subscriptions for just $4 in total instead of a monthly fee of $10 and $20, respectively.
Get 4 months of TIDAL Premium or HiFi for $4.


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Adidas Runtastic
Adidas Runtastic have extended their free access to a premium subscription to 90-days with access to all workouts and training plans in the adidas training app.
Get free premium access
iOS Android

NBA On Demand
NBA are offering complimentary on-demand access to all NBA League Pass content which includes every 18-19, 19-20 game replays, with no credit card required.
NBA On Demand Free Access

NFL Gamepass
NFL are offering complimentary access to NFL Game Pass which includes: Game Replays. NFL Shows and Live NFL Network (excl. Canada, Mexico, China).
Free Acess to NFL Gamepass 

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club is offering free access to on-demand class-style workouts, programs, and expert tips on nutrition, sleep, and more.
iOS Android

PUMATRAC is now available on the web, and is always free. It provides workouts for different levels of fitness, led by expert coaches. See the link below for free access.
Workout from home with Pumatrac


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Attack Balls Bubble Shooter
BazilSoft’s bubble shooter with an endless number of levels is now free for an undisclosed amount of time.

Cytus II
Rayark International Limited is making its music rhythm adventure game free for an undisclosed amount of time.

Heads Up!
Warner Bros. is making their world-famous party game free “for a limited time.”
iOS Android

Homo Machina
Homo Machina, a puzzle game inspired by the work of avant-garde scientist Fritz Kahn is now free on iOS for an undisclosed amount of time.


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36​5DataScience are making all of their courses completely free until 15 April. Be safe. Stay at home. Learn data science.
Become a Data Scientist at 365DataScience are offering free access to the Internet Archive’s collection of 1.4 million (and growing) books in their new library, the National Emergency Library.
National Emergency Library by

Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.
iOS Android Audible Stories Website

Blinklist are offering 30 days of free access to an expanded range of content on Blinkist. Register, download the app and enjoy.
iOS Android

Cambridge Library
Free access to more than 700 textbooks available on Cambridge Core for students (college/university). They are also providing free access to a growing collection of research related to the coronavirus until the end of May.
Cambridge Core

Codecademy are offering 10,000 scholarships to Codecademy Pro for free to high school and college students across the world for the rest of the school year.
Learn from Home with Codecademy
iOS Android

Ella Verbs
Ella Verbs helps anyone drill and master Spanish verb conjugations. It is available on iOS and Android. They are offering 1 month of Pro access for students and teachers. No credit card required. Their personalized quizzing and progress approach allows you to focus on your weak spots and improve faster.
iOS Android

Future Learn
Future Learn has hundreds of free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations around the world. FutureLearn has partnered with The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to launch a free online course on COVID-19.

iRevise (formerly ) are giving premium memberships for one month, for free to Junior and Leaving Cert. students, as well as GCSCE/A Level students in the UK
To avail of this, all you need to do is register with and use the code STUDYCENTRE or STUDYHELP

National Instruments
In response to COVID-19, all online courses are available for free to the global engineering community through at least April 30, 2020.
Free online courses at National Instruments 

Real Python
Real Python has offered free access to four paid courses on Real Python for free, forever. Includes course videos, sample code and downloadable materials.
Free Courses at Real Python

Scribd is providing free access to their digital library of millions of eBooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, and more – available to anyone, free, for 30 days.
iOS Android

Unity Learn
Unity Learn is offering 3 months of complimentary access to Unity Learn Premium which includes courses, projects and tutorials to learn Unity.
Free 3 months of access to Unity Learn Premium


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Dark Horse website is offering hundreds of free first-issue comics, with titles including Hellboy and Stranger Things, as well as a selection for kids: Frozen, The Incredibles, Disney Treasure Island and many more.
Free Comics at Digital Darkhorse

Dynamite Entertainment may not have any new comics out, they are offering readers a chance to explore their existing comics by offering free #1 issues on ComiXology.
39 free first issue comics at ComiXology

Marvel is giving away a month of free access to some of its most popular comic books through its Marvel Unlimited subscription service. It is offering free access to a curated list of 12 titles featuring the Avengers, Spider-Man, Black Widow and Captain America until May 4.
iOS Android

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