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Who Are We

Finnix Solutions is a Branding, Marketing and Software Development Firm. We can manage all aspects of your company’s online presence. We have various departments which focus on areas of design, website development, content creation, social media management, paid advertising, SEO, GMB and SEM. By coordinating all your sub-strategies to work toward the same common goal, we help your Brand grow. Our software solutions will also help you to stay ahead from the competition.

Our Mission

Launch and grow businesses that challenge what is, & define what’s next. Brands that other brands want to be. Help them get an unfair share of attention, competitive advantages and growth.

Our Vision

We strongly believe marketing decisions are now based upon data analysis and strategy are driven by data. This evolution was brought by Data Analytics and we aim to use it to make a difference.

Our history

After years of working hard as a freelancing group, going so far out of our way to deliver a project on time for other companies – and not being credited for our work, I had enough of it. I thought, if we can keep putting in same kind of effort we will surely be successful as an independent company. That realization was the first step in the formation of Finnix Solutions. 

Sudeep Baral : Founder, CEO

Our 6-D process



We study your business through fresh eyes by diving deep into your data, and comparing it with the current market specific statistics, we discover specific areas of your business for improvements and growth opportunities.



We start by laying out a digital strategy. Only then do we move on to design. Form follows function. We use Wireframing process to outline the layout and information architecture.



Our UX design team will create intuitive designs that will echo your brand and style. We will also create a style guide during this phase, creating a digital library of assets that our developers can then easily retrieve.



In Development phase your imagination, your ideas will then be brought to life. The functionality, the performance and security  is of the utmost importance and has the highest priority within our development team of experts so to ensure it we carry out series of tests during and after development.



After passing through extensive testing and fine tuning your project will be deployed. 



We deliver results—not promises. We’ll let you know when we think something won’t work, but we’ll always suggest workable alternatives that fit your strategies and drive you ever closer to your objectives.

Why choose us?

Our team is made up of qualified designers, strategists and developers. When it comes to creating websites, providing software and digital marketing services that work, we really know our stuff. We’ve helped thousands of businesses to bring their ideas to life over the years.

Unlike other companies we don’t prepare designs and push clients into accepting it. We first have a meeting with our clients where we will gather every information we can to deliver according to your needs. We will be in constant contact with our clients in every step of the project.

We use data analysis and statistics to design unique marketing strategies that gets noticed, engaged and loved.

We deliver results not promises. We launch and grow businesses that challenge what is, and define what’s next. Brands that other brands want to be.

A good design and product can always be better. We always try to push boundaries, bring something new to the table and treat every projects – big or small, the same. 

“Sell it & forget it?” Not with Finnix Solutions. We’re there at every step to discuss ideas, advise, review projects & share reports. We’re always available to answer questions.

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